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    Colon Hydrotherapy

    is a safe and effective method of cleansing the colon by repeated gentle flushing with warm filtered water under very low pressure, using specialised massage techniques on the tummy area to stimulate release. The treatment is odourless and not painful. Unfortunately in 90% of cases just going to the toilet is not enough. Because our “modem lifestyles" are completely unnatural and this leads to a buildup of toxic waste in our bodies that accumulates over the years.

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    TriPollar is a 3rd generation radio-frequency (RF) technology for non-invasive facial and body contouring.

    It generates the RF current between 3 or more electrodes and focuses the energy to the treatment area only. As a result,

    TriPollar RF delivers immediate and long-term skin tighteningand skin rejuvenation, fat reduction and body contouring as well as cellulite reduction.

  • TriPollar Radio Frequency

    (RF) technology is an innovative, proprietary a 3rd generation RF technology developed by Pollogen Ltd. The multi-applicator system delivers deep RF energy penetration to the skin without damaging healthy tissues. Treatment of both superficial and deeper fat layers, shrinks the fat cells, contracts collagen fibers and augments collagen regeneration. The dual benefits are both immediate and long-lasting for skin tightening and circumference reduction.

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